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Fiprotec For Small Dogs (0 – 10kg)

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Fiprotec Spot-On For Cats (0 - 8kg)


Fiprotec Spot-On For Cats (0 – 8kg)


Kittens as young as 12 weeks of age can be treated with Fiprotec spot-on for the effective prevention of fleas. Also safe for use on pregnant and nursing cats.

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Fiprotec CAT is your monthly guard against fleas on any cat weighing less than 8kg. It will kill all existing fleas in your cat’s coat within 24 hours and continue to prevent further infestation for up to 5 more weeks. Fiprotec is also an effective tick control for up to two weeks after application. The treatment remains waterproof for a month. Important: do not apply to kittens younger than three months.

5 steps to managing Fleas and Ticks
Treat all your pets
Treat every month
Follow the instructions. Apply directly onto the skin
Use environmental control if you are infested with ticks and fleas
Use a top-up treatment if heavily infested.


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