Cool Dogs Ice Cream – Venison & Coconuts


Cool Dogs Vroomin Venison and Coconut Dog Ice Cream is the ultimate treat for your dog!

Developed in coordination with a leading South African animal nutritionist, this tasty treat uses only Human Grade, nutritional ingredients to complement your dogs healthy diet.

5+ servings per tub

Developed in co-ordination with a leading RSA animal nutritionist
Only takes one Minute to prepare, then freeze the ice cream in the COOL DOGS tub with the lid securely fitted for a minimum of 6 hours
One 500ml tub has 5+ treat servings
Only premium A-Grade ingredients are used
Made with goats milk which is high in proteins, vitamins, and probiotics.
Contains collagen
Contains a probiotic
No white or refined sugar added
Tub & Lid are Biodegradable
Very soothing treat for teething puppies
Yummy treat for old dogs who don’t have all their teeth
Perfect for dog parties
The Cool Dogs Vroomin Venison and Coconut Dog Ice Cream – 500ml is evocative, to say the least, but that’s why you’re drawn to it in the first place.


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