The Top 5 Online Pet Stores In South Africa (2021)

Review and compare the top 5 pet stores in South Africa for getting your pet food & other essentials online.

There’s no denying consumers are shifting to do more of their shopping online and the reasons are clear: more freedom and flexibility, more choices, often better prices and super convenient delivery to your door.


This trend is extending to every part of people’s lives, including how they shop for their pets. While many budget pet products can be easily ordered along with your groceries from a supermarket, those of us who opt for higher quality and better pet food and products need to turn to a dedicated online pet store to meet our needs.


With the rapidly growing demand for purchasing pet food online in South Africa, a huge range of online pet stores have sprung up to meet this need however with so many stores now in the market it can be difficult to know who’s best to purchase from and which one best matches your needs.


This short and informative guide will highlight our choice for the top 5 online pet stores in South Africa in 2021 so you know you’ll be getting the best service, prices and products when shopping for your pet’s goodies online.

1. Pets Playground

Pets Playground Online Pet Store

Pets Playground is Cape Town’s favourite and most trusted family run online pet store. They have a smaller product range than others on this list however it has been curated with their best and favourite products to make finding the right choice for your pet easier and simpler.


They deliver nationwide although are primarily focused on Cape Town, offering free delivery on all orders (of any size) to all their Cape Town based customers. Even with their super convenient free delivery options their prices are still some of the lowest in the market.


They are highly rated across Google and Facebook and are known for personal and friendly service.

2. Pet Heaven

Pet Heaven Online Pet Store

Also based in Cape Town, Pet Heaven is currently South Africa’s largest online pet store. They have a huge product range covering all essentials and extras with a lot of brands to choose from in each category. They specialize in scheduled pet food delivery for added convenience.

Although they are based in Cape Town they focused equally on the whole of South Africa with a R55 delivery fee nationwide and free delivery for orders over R500 to all major centers. The prices are affordable although slightly higher than other online pet stores.

Next to Pets Playground they are also one of the best rated pet stores to purchase from online.

3. Pet Hero

Pet Hero Online Pet Store

Pet Hero is a Johannesburg based online pet store with a large range of pet essentials covering both budget and more pricey, high quality brands. Along with Pet Heaven they offer a scheduled delivery service so you can get your pet food delivered regularly without the hassle.


They deliver nationwide for a fee of R130 and offer a cheaper rate of R55 for Gauteng based customers. They offer free delivery nationwide for orders of R450 (to all major centres).


Pet Hero’s pricing is highly competitive while still offering excellent service to their customers as demonstrated in the many good reviews on Facebook and Google.

4. Canine & Co.

Canine and Co Online Pet Store

Canine & Co. is another Joburg based company, unlike others on this list they are not solely an online retailer but also have a number of physical locations in Gauteng. Like the others they offer a repeat subscription service but with a bit more flexibility.


They are mostly focused on higher quality brands and products stocking all the major brands as well as some smaller ones with more unique and speciality products. Their product range covers everything you could ever want for your pet as well as a range of medications and remedies for a number of ailments.


They offer nationwide delivery for R50 to major centres and R100 for outlying areas with free delivery over R450 for major centres and over R900 for outlying areas. 


Canine & Co has plentiful good reviews from customers commending their excellent service and product quality.

5. Absolute Pets

Absolute Pets is also a pet store that retails both in store and online but are far bigger than others on this list with 101 stores country wide. Alongside their retail they also offer their own pet clinic and spa services.


They have a large product range covering a good range of brands, all basic pet essentials and a bit more. Their pricing is on the higher side of businesses on this list, fairly close to Pet Heaven’s price range. They also offer a repeat order service though with little discount for repeat orders.


They deliver nationally for a fee of R60 to major centres and R275 to all other areas. They offer free delivery orders over R500.


They generally have very positive reviews for all the physical stores but do have some more critical reviews concerning their customer service which probably comes down to their size as they can’t have the same personal care and service smaller companies can offer.

How to choose the right online pet store for you.

Finding the right store for you honestly comes down to trying a few of the top options and seeing whose service you personally prefer best. 


If you have a specific food or product in mind, start by finding a store that stocks it (between the stores in this list you should find everything you’re looking for). Next it’s also best to choose the store located most closely to you (or that focuses on your area – the more specific the better) as you’ll most often get the best delivery fees and times.


Next, know what you care about most in a store, is it good prices, excellent customer service or quick delivery? Once you know what you value, check their information to see that it fulfills what you care about most.


The last and most important thing to look at are the reviews to see how closely the store you have chosen delivers on what they promise on their website and advertising.


What do you think? Do you agree with this list or do you think there are any better stores who should be on here? Let us know in the comments.

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